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New Blog

So…for all of you that actually pay attention to me on here, I’m at a new tumblr. You can find me at 

See you there. =)

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Smile Forever…

I can’t tell where yours begins, I can’t tell where mine ends.

Her body moved under the covers. At the same time, the birds started chirping. It was as if even nature knew that she was something worth singing for. That she was worth the wait before they could even start their day. That’s why I sat here. Watching her. Waiting for her to move.

What if she wakes up and finds me staring at her?” the voice in my head asked.

I shook that voice aside, because at that instant, I noticed a mark on her collarbone. A mark so small but so noticeable, I wondered if I had ever seen it before. I’m sure I have. I know I have. But I had never noticed it. It was almost as if it was a scar from something, something that she had gone through that she could never erase from her memory. A constant, disturbing, regretful reminder. I wanted to know the full story behind it. Instead, I took one finger and lightly brushed it against that scar.

Then her eyes opened.

Hey” she said with a smile. God, that smile. I don’t anyone else that can smile like that first thing when they wake up. She stretched her arms up and pulled me to lie down next to her. I felt her hands move across my waist and tighten as she rested her head into my lap. Guess I was the pillow this time. I didn’t care though. I loved how she felt. How her breathing matched my heartbeat. How her hair felt in between my fingers. How her skin seemed to radiate energy from her body to mine. I would keep her here forever, in my arms, in my lap, with that smile on her face. It’s this moment that I lived for. This moment when nothing else mattered. All that mattered, was this girl in my arms and that smile that I had to make sure never left her face.

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That test was ……… Don’t you hate when thats the feeling you get after a big test. Ugh.

well nice to meet you to ashley :) you sound pretty cool as well. really? reading is my favorite hobby as well. what kind of books are you into?
the whole maryland thing i probably would have liked better if it hadnt been a forced thing but theres pros and cons to each
west virginia things are alot more peaceful. not as much crime. not as many cops. stuff like that and the people in west virginia are nicer than marylanders and the city people here.but also in west virginia things are farther away so less jobs and you need a car.
in maryland theres a lot more things around just in general so if you need something you can usually walk..or if its something you need in dc or even parts of virginia you could take the bus to the train and thats really convenient.
so theres pros and cons about both but im adapting :)
how do you like california?
i dont turn 19 until next august. :)

i’m into love stories. nonfiction books about hopeless romantics and fictional stories about people’s life journeys. 

it sounds like there really is some pros and cons of both, but they both sound cool. i’ve never been to either so now i know what to look forward to if i ever get a chance to. lol.

Well, california is great. But i’m not there. I’m in alabama for school which is a COMPLETE change. took a straight city girl from the shops and glitz of the city to the open field of the country. =/ but i actually love it here. i’ve been here for going on three years so its really my home away from home. lol and just turned 18! coolness. =) lol.

This Is Going To Be A Problem

Because I’m drawn to those words like a bee to honey and even though I’m not supposed to read what he writes, not supposed to care what’s going on, I still read each post and smile because I remember so many posts from what seems like so long ago.

Except those were the posts that warmed my heart. 

Only difference now is that they don’t anymore. They make me smile, but they confuse me since my heart never believed those stories in the first place. 

# your posts# i still love them# just not the same

I’ve spent the past two days reading every post I ever wrote on here. How were you all following this? I was a depressed girl last year. Almost every single one of my posts is talking about how I am just going to stop expecting cause I know nothing will ever be fulfilled. I was stuck in the mindset that the relationship I was in was the one that would eventually make me happy. But it wasn’t even making me happy in the moment. That one random day? Yeah, that doesn’t count. Reading those posts made me realize just how sad and hopeful I was. I look back and I’m so happy that’s not me anymore. 

So, there is going to be a change. Either I will be starting over from scratch. New tumblr, new followers, new url, everything, or I will just from now on start showing just how much I’ve changed from last year. So be on the look out. I’m not that sad girl I use to be anymore. I haven’t been in awhile. And I plan on showing it. 

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that's cool too ;) yeah, i'm a big fan of nicolas sparks. i love his love stories.
i'm also into suspense books. that's one of my things lol
i'm going into criminology and i love stuff like that.

but yeah, definitely pros and cons to both.
Alabama ay? that's kind of cool, i've never been there. but i can imagine it being pretty country. especially coming from california. lol

sorry i’ve been gone forever. that test had me studying day and night. lol. but suspense books are cool. i haven’t read too many before but i might have to check into some. criminology sounds great! do you know where you’re going? 

alabama has its highlights. lol. dollar movies and bowling. but just a lack of diversity. lol. thats what you get tired of most. how is your week going?


When you can’t see the one you want to see cause you’re both so darn busy. Ugh School. Why can’t you end and allow me to just get to spend time with him. 

# frustrated# needing to study

What’s the most you would want your girlfriend/boyfriend to spend on you for Christmas if you had a say?

lol amazing how time can change everything huh?
that's cool. what class is the test for?

well i'm shawna :) i'm from west virginia but i live in maryland now, not too far from D.C.
i love to sing, and read. volleyball is my favorite sport to play,
football to watch
i start college in january. cuz of some financial stuff that made me start late.
i'm 18.
anddd yeah lol. that's all i can think of for now.

its amazing and great how time can change everything. lol. 

The test is for my Theories of Personality class. I’m a psyc major. 

I never told you my name huh. Wow. I’m retarded. lol I’m Ashley. It’s nice to meet you Shawna. I have friends from maryland, how do you like it compared to west virginia? 

I love to sing too! I just don’t know how. =/ And reading is my favorite hobby. lol. Sports…we don’t see eye to eye unless its swimming. When do you turn 19? 

You sound pretty cool! =)

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